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 Slimming Tea Weight  Loss 250 Gm

Slimming Tea Weight Loss 250 Gm


Slimming Tea For Weight Loss & Detox (Serving 150 Cups)-

Slimming tea is a fit tea to detox, nourish the body to attain fitness & weight loss, goals. Rich in antioxidants. It has a combination of 8 powerful 100% natural ingredients.

Ingredients Includes : Whole leaf green Tea,Lemongrass,Ginger,Cinnamon, Hibiscus,Turmeric & Senna Leaf.

100 % Loose Leaf Tea With 0% Bitterness 

Get Fit With Weight Loss Tea

No Additives - Herbal Infusion Pouch Pack

Caffeine - Very Low

Time - Anytime

Steeping time - 3 min

Formate - Loose Leaf

  • Benefits

    • Support Weight Loss 
    • Detoxify Body
    • Support Digestion
    • Support Health

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